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From the smallest to the largest, every stove has built-in features that improve its performance. For example, Cleanburn – a system designed to reduce carbon emissions from the stove. When you buy a Hunter stove, you get the full package – and a few extra surprises, too.

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  • Inglenook


    Create a cosy nook in your home. The traditionally-styled Inglenook is the essence of country chic. With a dramatic canopy and charming double doors, it’s a real charmer. But beneath the traditional façade is a modern stove. With a maximum output of 7kW, the Inglenook features our latest technology, including Cleanburn, for a clean, efficient performance. You can burn solid fuel or wood, adjusting the airflow to give fierce or gentle flames. And the Inglenook can be trusted to smoulder softly as you nap. So curl up, and enjoy. More Info »
  • Hunter Compact 5

    Compact 5 (DEFRA approved)

    If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area, the Clean Air Act prevents you from emitting smoke from your chimney – with offenders facing a fine of up to £1000. This means you’re usually only able to burn authorised smokeless fuel. More Info »
  • Hawk 3&4

    Hawk 3 & 4

    You’ll be charmed by its size – but don’t underestimate its power. It has all the features of a bigger model – Cleanburn technology, wipe-free glass and cool-touch handles – in smaller stature. More Info »

    Hawk 4 Double Sided

    Multifuel stove You don’t need a huge space for this stove. If your chimney is open on both sides, it makes sense to choose a double-sided model – but it doesn’t have to be a monster. More Info »
  • Hawk 4 Gas

    Hawk 4 Gas

    The compact Hawk 4 Cas stove is a small stove with a big heart. lts size allows installation in a smaller fireplace, yet the Hawk 4 Gas can still offer a good heatoutput More Info »
  • Herald 14

    Herald 14

    The stove. Supersized. What do you get from the Herald 14? Take a look at these figures. This enormous stove generates a heat output of up to 15kW – that’s three times the power of some compact models. With its large fuel bed (for wood or solid fuel), it can be laid and left to smoulder for up to 12 hours. No doubt about it: this is a truly serious stove, equipped with our finest technology. Its efficiency, capacity, and performance make it perfect for big rooms – and big heat. More Info »
  • Herald 14 Central Heating Stoves

    Herald 14 Central Heating Stoves

    Equipped with an optional boiler, the Herald 14 can run up to 10 radiators – as well as your hot water. Choose a wraparound or clip-in boiler, depending how much power you need. More Info »
  • Herald 4

    Herald 4 (DEFRA approved)

    Stop gazing at the colour choices, and concentrate. The Herald 4 may look stylish, but it’s actually all about the engineering. Our design experts have incorporated Cleanburn (for cleaner air), hot airwash (for cleaner glass) and traditional looks (for cleaner appeal). Yes, it’s beautifully styled, but don’t you want to know about the triple airstream? Or the cool-touch handle that allows you to switch between logs and anthracite? The 5kW output? Whatever your reason for choosing the Herald 4, it’s one impulse you won’t regret this winter… More Info »
  • Herald 5 Inset

    Herald 5 Inset

    Longing for real flames in your living room? The Inset stove is designed especially for modern fireplaces. It’s shallow and unobtrusive, delivering all our famous old-fashioned charm in a contemporary format. More Info »
  • Herald5slimrm

    Herald 5 Slimline (DEFRA approved)

    There was only one way to improve the Herald 5.In every respect, this stove was perfect. It’s got our acclaimed traditional styling. It has Cleanburn, Tripleburn and Cool Touch technology. It boasts a generous heat output – with a choice of fuels. More Info »
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