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Mulberry Stoves have been making Irish homes snug and warm for years. Originating in Co. Waterford, our stoves offer a unique combination of heat, style, efficiency and value that’s hard to beat.

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  • beckett


    Cast Iron multi-fuel stove with overnight burning facility. Clear glass with window air wash system. The boiler model features a thermostat controlling the high output boiler that can heat up to 12 radiators. Look forward to years of warmth andpleasure from this Irish designed stove More Info »
  • joyce-popup


    Elegance and efficiency combined in a low price package. The Joyce is the ideal stove for the the average size family room. Boiler version provides domestic hot water and heats 1 or 2 radiators. More Info »
  • Quality Irish Stoves


    The QIS is the latest in the Quality Irish Stoves range. Designed by the team at Quality Irish Stoves the QIS has all the power of the stoker with more simplistic features. The QIS is available in boiler and non-boiler models. More Info »


    The unique design of the Mulberry STOKER can deliver 6.5Kw of heat throughout the room because a convection stream distributes heat much more widely than radiant heat alone can achieve. It’s a stove Dracula himself would have appreciated as everone in the house will have warm blood! Taking up a very small place on the hearth with minimal intrusion into the room, the STOKER is ideal for the modern home. More Info »
  • wilde


    Double doors and a graduated hotplate offer the opportunity to enjoy an ‘open fire’ feeling as you benefit from reduced fuel costs. More Info »
  • yeats


    As elegant as the poetry of its namesake – control, safety, economy, beauty and ecological efficiency. A high output stove that has a large view of the fire through a clear glass door. So fuel efficient that the cost of the stove will be recovered in a couple of winters. ‘Cast a warm eye on life’ with this beautiful Irish designed stove. More Info »