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Valiant offers a comprehensive range of stylish and functional accessories; everything you need when using your wood burning stove. Our range of special cleaning products is designed to keep your stove or fireplace in perfect condition.
  • Stove-Gloves_RGB-72dpi

    Extra Long Leather Heat Resistant Gloves

    This durable pair of leather gauntlets will provide complete protection for your hands, wrists and forearms when carrying wood and refuelling the stove or fireplace. Made from 100% genuine leather, the gloves are fully lined for extra comfort and maximum heat resistance. More Info »
  • Valiant-Kneeling-Pad-72dpi

    Hearth Side Kneeling Cushion

    Protect your knees when tending the stove or fire, with our padded cushion. The cushion has a handy hanging loop for convenient storage. More Info »
  • Fan

    Heat Powered Stove Fan

    Maximise your room temperature and the energy produced by your stove and reduce its fuel consumption. The stove fan, with its attractive sturdy design, gently circulates heat throughout the room to ensure a more even distribution of heat. The stove fan operates silently, using satin black anodised blades. More Info »
  • Valiant-CO2-Detector

    Honeywell Co2 Monitor

    One of Europe’s best selling domestic Carbon Monoxide alarm, providing up to 6 years safety from poisoning in the home. More Info »

    Stove and Flue Thermometer

    Monitor, control and optimise your stove temperature. The thermometer magnetically attaches to either the stove or the flue pipe and displays the temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. More Info »
  • Stove-Brushes

    Stove Brushes

    3 stove and grate cleaning brushes with different bristles for individual cleaning purposes to ensure that your stove remains in perfect condition. More Info »
  • Stove glass cleaner

    Stove glass cleaner

    Keep your stove in perfect condition; this non-caustic cleaning solution will keep your glass stove doors crystal clear. The solution removes all stubborn smoke and creosote stains. More Info »

    Stove rope adhesive

    This high temperature stove rope adhesive is ideal if you ever need to re-stick or replace your stove rope door seals. The clear adhesive is suitable for use with all colours of stove rope More Info »